Droid RAZR Cheaper Price Redux B4 Droid 4/MAXX Best Deal - Purple RAZRs 1/23

Droid RAZR colorsThe top best smartphone on Verizon Wireless in 2011 just got cheaper and will be more colorful. In anticipation of the launch of the Droid RAZR MAXX, Verizon Wireless reduced the price of the Droid RAZR with a contract and down to $199.99 by removing the 16GB microSD card.  If you don't like the Droid RAZR is basic black, it will be out in  purple on January 23.

The Droid RAZR appears in many top ten best smartphones of 2011 lists, including the top ten of all and Verizon Wireless list. Reviewers of the Droid RAZR gave it Editors' Choice and was rated well for being the fastest and thinnest for now.

Specs of the DROID RAZR include a 4.3" curved Gorilla glass  Super AMOLED touchscreen and 8-megapixel rear camera that records 1080p HD video. Other features include 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16 GB on board, mobile hotspots, 1780mAh battery and enterprise features (remote wipe/encryption, calendar and contacts).  The Kevlar backing makes it strong and nano-coating protects it from water. In December, a white version was launched.

Fashionistas should be warned that color purple or white is only around the edges. The Kevlar backing is still a textured gray/black. Kevlar is strong stuff and used in bullet proof vests. The price of microSD cards has dropped significantly, you can buy yourself a microSD for as little as $7.95 at Amazon.com, therefore saving $100 for the absence of the card is a good deal.

Okay, here's where it gets confusing Amazon Wireless  as of this writing, is selling the 32GB Droid RAZR for $169.99 with a contract for new customers and $229.99 for renewing customers.  Amazon is not selling the 16GB Droid RAZR, yet at a discount.

The Droid RAZR MAXX will have a super long life battery and sell for $299.99 and is expected to last for 21 hours of phone calls.  If you are battery hog and used tons of 4G LTE data which drains battery life, you may want to wait until later when the Droid MAXX is released.  There was an announcement and webcast leaked for February 6.

Also coming soon to Verizon Wireless is the Droid 4 which is a Droid RAZR with a QWERTY does not have a removable battery.  Heavy texters and email users may want the Droid 4 which comes with 16GB of storage onboard with an empty microSD card slot like the newer 16GB Droid RAZR.

The Droid RAZR was the a top non-iPhone seller at Verizon Wireless in December.

The Webtop app has new features including an app tray, customized mobile view, resizing, improved email notification,  integrated cloud storage and  battery levels of the dock and the Droid RAZR

Motocast gives instant remote access to PC stored files such as movies, music or documents.

Motorola has loaded Smart Actions on to the Droid RAZR to learn what users want and help with battery life. To get the Droid RAZR to be the thinnest dual-core around, the battery is not removable. The  Smart Actions app helps you set rules for optimizing battery life,  sleep settings,  location triggered features, suggestion for rules and charging reminders.

Motorola also allows you sync BlackBerry, Windows and Mac files. You can transfer data from a BlackBerry, Windows or a Mac computer with the  Mark/Space app for free. This service is by the "Missing Sync" company and makes it easy to  transfer personal information contacts and email addresses, meetings/events, task lists notes,  memos media, photos, albums, songs, playlists,  iTunes media, Videos (MP4, Mov, AVI) and bookmarks.