Pinger Turns iPod Touch into iPhone 4 Calling/Text & Big Hit with Teens

Pinger IconPinger says that its apps reach over 5.8 million active U.S. teens and young adults, which represents 10% of the overall U.S. teen market.  Their figures confirm that teens love to text and talk, especially when it is for free over Wi-Fi on an iPod Touch, iPad  or Android phone/tablet.

Due to a large percentage of Pinger’s customers turning an iPod touch into a “phone” using Pinger apps, the apps provide access to a large group of young consumers.  Pinger stats show:

  • On average, users log into the app for 14 sessions per day.
  • Pinger customers spend an average of 45 million minutes per day in the service;
  • They spend more time texting than using Twitter or checking Facebook
  • Over half say they learn about products on a mobile device
  • 97% intend to buy consumer packaged goods

       Pinger is currently the #1 free texting provider and 7th largest mobile text carrier in the U.S.:

  • Pinger customers send over 1.7 billion text messages a month on average and have sent more than 20 billion total text messages.
  • Users consume over 75 million voice minutes each month.
  • During the 2011 holiday season, Pinger’s Textfree Voice + VM achieved the #1 Free App position in the iTunes App store.

Pinger’s Textfree apps for iOS, Android and the web enable users to choose their own local phone number to text and call free with any U.S. phone as well as to over 28 countries.

comScore data shows that Pinger apps are among the top 5 non-native apps by installed base and usage metrics, and they enjoy significant usage among the teen and young adult audience

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  1. Hey There Wirelessandmobilenews,
    Along the same lines,, I've had Textfree for several months, but it isn't really working now. First, it used to go off at the volume I had my ringer set to. Now it only goes off at the volume I have my iPod set to. This is a problem for me because I don't always have my iPod turned up. Second, I got a message from Pinger this morning telling me that I hadn't used my account in 25 days, and that they were going to delete my number in 5 days.

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