BlackBerry Be Bold Winner with JLo?

JLORIM is trying to make the BlackBerry image hipper and more youthful. Commercials are no longer enterprise-oriented but show musicians and the latest marketing ploy includes Jenifer Lopez and Marc Antony. BlackBerry has gone from being one of the most popular topics on Wireless and Mobile News to a small percentage of our readers, what happened?

Yes, JLo looked stunning at the Oscars and those with touchscreens kept in-touch  while rocking out the Twitterverse tweeting of wardrobe malfunctions, however, she read the winner from a plain old-fashioned envelope not a BlackBerry?

We wonder if BlackBerry could have the Oscarverse read from BlackBerry smartphones would that cause an increase in market share? We live in a country where our President uses a special security-outfitted BlackBerry, but the iPhone and Android are the most popular platforms.

The Glitterati and Technorati seem to have divergent views.  The Academy  didn't grace Android users with a special app only iPhone and iPad owners could get the special video and views from iOS app.  Could it be that Oscar himself has his an  iPhone and iPad?

Movie stars have to be ultra slim like the iPhone,  they have such slim bodies, even the size "0" designers dresses look big on them.  The BlackBerry has a shape more human, it has to be wider to accommodate  the best most functional keyboards on any smartphone.  But BlackBerry may be perceived as being fat which is may be way it's losing market share.  RIM however is not given up it marketing might.

Meanwhile, JLo and Mark Antony use  BlackBerry Playbooks for viewing auditions.  They travel the South America looking for talent and take their BlackBerry PlayBooks with them.  A singer before an audition appears to be using a BlackBerry.

Marc Anthony says "I've got this BlackBerry PlayBook everything I need is at my fingertips" while using one in the back of a limo.

Along with the celebrity slant, New Challenge Council Members Streeter and Amir are about to shut down BlackBerry trash talk once and for all reports the BlackBerry website. Where once you sign up it says "Welcome to the new BBM Generation." You can sign up to let know when Streeter and Amir start putting BlackBerry naysayers on blast.

New commercials show the hip street-wise dudes the Martinez brothers who need tools not toys, with the motto "BlackBerry be Bold.'

Can BlackBerry really be Bold?  We say, yes, because it is bold to stay with a wide-looking phone and continue to promote a tablet that received ho-hum reviews, regardless.

There is room for all sorts of smartphones and tablets with a styles to fit every life style.  There have been improvements made to BlackBerry and for enterprise, RIM offers many important features.  The BlackBerry Bold, Torch and Curve are FIPS Certified.   RIM has also update BlackBerry to OS 7.1 with mobile hotspots and FM radio.

Sometimes "Bold" may not be high-fashion but can still be functional.

RIM recently announced BlackBerry PlayBook 2 and illustrated the features with a marriage proposal video. Rim also reduced the price of the 16GB model down to $199.99.  has reduced the prices a tad bit more for the 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook($198) and 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook ($298) which were in stock as of this writing with free shipping to store or 97 cent shipping.

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