Nexus 7 News: Release Dates, Glitches, Fixes & Loose Screws/Crews

There's a lot of news on the Nexus 7 tablet front that got loose today which show that Google Customer Service and the Nexus 7 are not what they were cracked up to be.

Finally those who preordered the tablet are receiving delivery and Google has clearly stated the delivery schedule.  However, several forum posts show mechanical problems with the Nexus 7, for which we have found a few fixes.

Google Wallet now works with the Nexus 7 an update was pushed out on July 17.  Those who don't have problems with the tablet can now use it to buy for items bought at stores that support it.

The good news is that the those who preordered the Nexus 7 from the Google Play Store are finally receiving shipments and notifications in the U.S., Canada, Australia and U.K.  Google has upgraded some shipments to next day delivery.  Those with accessories, Nexus Q or 16GB will have a longer wait.

Shipping information from Google. Below are more specific details by country for devices ordered after July 13.  If you ordered before July 13 contact customer support:

  • In the US: We’ve (Google) shipped all standalone Nexus 7 8GB orders (e.g.: those without a case, charger or Nexus Q).
    •  By the end of day on July 19 (PDT), Google will have shipped all standalone Nexus 7 16GB orders placed through July 11 (PDT), and upgraded these orders to overnight shipping.
    • Google will process the remaining standalone Nexus 7 16GB orders by the end of next week with overnight shipping.
    • If you ordered your tablet with a case, charger or Nexus Q, your Nexus 7 will ship this week with overnight shipping, in some cases ahead of the rest of your order. But don’t worry, the rest of your order will be on its way soon.
  • In Canada:  Google shipped all Nexus 7 8GB orders.  Google is in the process of shipping Nexus 7 16GB orders and will ship them in 1-2 weeks.
  • In the UK: All Nexus 7 8GB orders will ship by July 20 (BST). All Nexus 7 16GB orders placed through June 30 (BST), will ship by July 20 (BST). The remaining Nexus 7 16GB orders will ship next week.
  • In Australia: All Nexus 7 8GB and Nexus 7 16GB orders will be fulfilled by the end of day on July 19 (AEST) and will arrive in 3-5 days.

Nexus 7 Defects Reported by Over 100 Include:

  • Bad LCD Pixels.
  • Glue/adhesive screen not sticking.
  • Excellent device but mine isn't flush on the right side of the screen. (Portrait)
  • Screen popping
  • Stopped working completely.
  • Right side squeaking.
  • Clicking of screen while in use.
  • Flimsy USB connection.
  • Screen flicker at low brightness - reported fix is to shut off the automatic brightness setting..
  • After the screen wakes up screen has an incredibly strong, white sheen over it.
  • Some report that their models are great and flawless.
  • Screen separation feels like lump on screen.
  • Dead screen after some use.
  • Image ghosting.
  • Dust or dot under screen.
  • Hairline fracture of screen or crack on screen.
  • Lack of multitouch in Integra 3 games.
  • Chips/cracks in bezel.
The most reported problem on the Nexus 7 is the  screen popping out higher on the left side and clicking.  Those who did not want to wait for an RMA and return have resorted to opening up the Nexus 7 and tightening the screws and found it worked.  It is not clear whether doing that action will void the warranty, because there is a sticker that shows opening the case "may void your warranty."
Some have reported waiting 30 minutes  to an hour to talk to customer service to get help and an RMA.

If it is within 15 days of delivery Google will send you a replacement before they get your defective device, and pay for shipping both ways. The will only require a temporary hold on your Credit Card.  Those who bought Nexus 7 tablets through retailers must return them to the retailer.

Note: iFixit did a teardown of the Nexus 7 using a plastic tool like a guitar pic to open it up easily with rating of 7 out of 10 for repair because the case is easy to open and all screws are Phillips #00.  However the LCD is attached to the glass which increases repair costs.


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