Samsung Galaxy S3 (S3) News: Cheapest Deals, Free Heath, Bests iPhone & Understands

S HealthWe finally have release dates from the major carriers for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Verizon Wireless, Tuesday, announced that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be available on July 10, well some models.  the Samsung marketing machine offer new uses with a free app for it, while it overtakes the iPhone 4S in the U.K.

This next big thing is one of the first smartphones to put a dent into iPhone sales in the U.K., where marketshare of the iPhone 4S went from 20% to 5%.  The reduction in sales could also be that people are waiting for the next iPhone 5.

Samsung continues to make claims about the phone that understands you, including that will help you keep healthy and even monitory your health with the right sensors, the S Health app.

S Health  collects health data, compatible with a number of healthcare sensors such as blood glucose metersblood pressure monitors and body composition scales. The devices can automatically transfer data to the GALAXY S III via Bluetooth or USB.   The app shows the user information in chars and can be  posted to social networks. Currently only available in five European countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain), South Korea and United States.  markets it will be released in more markets later this year.

From our informal survey of our backend.  It looks that Sprint is pulling in the most sales.  We speculate that it is due Sprint's unlimited data.

Let's see where all the Samsung Galaxy S III are in terms of where to buy them and the best deals.

  • Sprint  Samsung Galaxy S III - Release Date 7/1 - LetsTalk price is$179.99 with a new contract, add coupon code  TALK4TEN Samsung Galaxy S 3 (S III) News Update: Bests iPhone, Release Dates, Jelly Bean, Deals & Mis Understandings for 10% off your cart or JUL4SALE for 15% off cart.  Wirefly is selling it for the discounted price of $179.99 for new customers, $10 free Google Wallet credit and free 16GB microSD  included, it ships Thursday. Order Now Samsung Galaxy S 3 (S III) News Update: Bests iPhone, Release Dates, Jelly Bean, Deals & Mis Understandings. UPDATE 7/6: Amazon knocked down the price for the Sprint SG S3 version to $149.99 for news and renews with contract but is is backordered and will ship in 8 to 9 days. BUY
  • AT&T  Samsung Galaxy S III -Release Date 7/6 .  AT&T is the only carrier to offer in red, white and blue in 16GB capacity only. No free DropBox included.  Best Deals: is selling it  for $149.99 for the blue model or white model for renewing customers, new customers pay $189.99.   AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) AT&T Release Date 7/5   Best Cheapest Deals new customers can get $5o off with this Coupon-Link $50 Off AT&T Wireless with Plan for new customers with a plan.
  • Verizon Wireless  Samsung Galaxy S III - Release Date 7/10 - If you want to buy it subsidized you can no longer keep your unlimited data plan (read article) Online retailers(as of publication) are not showing stock available yet. The Verizon Share everything plans winds up being very expensive unless you buy a lot of data with a huge family.
  • T-Mobile  Samsung Galaxy S III - Release Date 6/21 in major metros.  T-Mobile has higher prices than other carriers $279 and $329.99  for the 16GB and 32GB respectively after rebate.  Where you save most is with two people on the plan.   At some point online retailers may discount T-Mobile version.  In general T-Mobile prices the subsidized smartphones are higher, but monthly plans lower.

 The Samsung blog states that the Samsung Galaxy S III understands you by keeping the screen awake when you’re looking at it, notifying missed calls, automatic hold, scrolls by double tapping and voice commands.