Original Samsung Galaxy Note vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (II) $149 Now or Later?

Galaxy Note 1 2 ComparisonAt IFA, Samsung announced the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (II).  We predicted many of the features including it coming packed with software similar to the Samsung Galaxy S III.  

The major difference between the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the screen size and aspect ratio. The original Samsung Galaxy Note was more clunky and looked fatter, like a tablet. That feature is the one that made people when they looked at it, made the original Note look "ginormous."

The Galaxy Note II is slimmer (less wide) and slightly longer than the original Galaxy Note.  The Note 2 has a larger longer/taller Super AMOLED screen at 5.5" with a 16:9 aspect ratio for watching video.

The process jumps from a dual-core to quad-core, while the case is slightly thinner, even with a higher capacity battery.

Another major difference is the software.  Samsung has upped the ante with more S Pen and graphically oriented software and features. The new S Pen is longer, thicker and has an ergonomic grip.  There is more RAM (2GB), 8MP camera more storage options.

Here are some the new software features:

  • Air View allows users to hover with the S Pen over an email, S Planner, image gallery, or video to preview the content without having to open it.
  • Popup Note extends the concept of Popup Play, which lets users open an S Note instantly as a pop-up window anywhere on the screen.
  • Quick Command lets users activate apps by the command pad by holding the S Pen and swiping upward.
  • Screen Recorder, lets  user record screen actions and share it.
  • Easy Clip - takes a screen shot of the screen which can be sized by the S Pen.
  • Visualize - offers images that  illustrate hand written words.
The original Samsung Galaxy Note is still available from AT&T and T-Mobile.  It was updated to Android 4.0, earlier and added
‘Premium Suite,’ with  Shape Match and Formula Match.
The least noted feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note is the handwriting recognition capabilities of the S Pen. We toOk a Samsung Galaxy Note to the beach and our Editor was able to write an entire copy/paste tips article with it.

Should you get a Galaxy Note now or wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

The original Samsung Galaxy Note was announced in September of last year and was not released in United States until after the Super Bowl.  Samsung releases its devices slower in the United States.
Online retailer prices have dropped for the Note.  The best price we can find is $159.99 from Amazon Wireless for the Samsung Galaxy Note on the AT&T network.  AT&T online is selling refurbished Samsung Galaxy Notes for $99.90 and new models for $199.99 with contract.  If you are new customer you can use the $50 Off Coupon Link AT&T Wireless for new customers with a plan. We have not been able to find the Samsung Galaxy Note from T-Mobile discounted, yet from an online retailer. The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note is sold-out online and in short supply.
Many people have not seen the Note before call it a huge phone while those who use an iPad think it's too small. We're coming to Cinderella time, this small tablet called phablet could be the right size depending on your needs.   The original Note is still a glass slipper it just has lower heels and is slightly less functional.
Compare Samsung Galaxy S III with Samsung Galaxy Note.  The Samsung Galaxy Note was used in the Olympics opening ceremonies.

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  1. "Samsung releases its devices slower in the United States..." Most companies do; it's part of the "difficulty of doing business" USA has become known for, but no streamlining of this & other regulatory burdens are on the "agenda" of certain D.C. politicians.

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