The Best Most Powerful: the Huawei Ascend D2?

CES is proving to be a really big show for really big and powerful smartphone   Huawei announced today the "largest screen smartphone" the Ascend Mate and the "most powerful smartphone" the Ascend D2. The Ascend D2 has many top-of-the-line features including a Super Retina screen.

As with many of the best, thinnest, biggest, fastest and more powerful claims they last only a very short time. Let's however see the new spectacular specs of Huawei's super power.

The Ascend D2, dubbed the dream phone, has a 5"1080p touchscreen(, 1.5GHZ processor, Android Jelly Bean, 3000mAh battery, 13MP camera, quick charging(claimed to be faster than the Samsung Galaxy S III) and fast Wi-Fi sharing.

The Ascend D2 has a FHD IPS= 443ppi "Super Retina" display. Besides having strong Gorilla Glass, it is dust and water resistant. It will come in white and blue. An added bonus it supports Dolby surround sound and stereo recording

When we get o CES this week we will video demonstrations of these latest devices from Huawei. It has not been announced if this model will be coming to United States.  Typically Huawei phones are carried by prepaid carriers.

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  1. The HUAWEI Ascend D2's 'swift sharing' makes it easier than ever to share. With a Wi-Fi connection, uploading pictures, videos and other files is two- to three-times faster with the Ascend D2 than other smartphones in the market. Its 'super hands-free' function transforms the Ascend D2 into a conversation sharing portal to receive sounds within a radius of 1.5m. The Ascend D2 also supports Dolby® surrounding sound and stereo recording.

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