Samsung Takes Over NA Smartphone Galaxy, Window Phone Gets Satisfaction & iPhone Holds

Samsung Take OVerA new report from 451 research showed that Samsung is taking over with the Samsung Galaxy S III red hot and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 taking the industry by storm. Another finding showed the Windows Phone 8 owners have a much higher satisfaction score than Android  owners.  The company is not worried at Apple missing out on the increasing of phablet-sized smartphones.

The Samsung surge, WiMo News noted earlier with the Samsung Galaxy S III named the best smartphone of  2012.

The study showed one-in-two North American respondent are considering an iPhone which is down from 71% last year but still strong.

Samsung demand in the next 90 days has gone form 13% to 21%.  Desired screen size is growing too ,with 52% wanting a 4-4.9 inch scren and 27% opting for 5" or larger.

Paul Carton research analyst noted Apple could fill the demand by making  large-screen smartphone tablet and call it an 'iTab' in time for the holidays.

Apple's iPhone 5 was the top in satisfaction with 71% of iOS users saying they are Very Satisfied with their phone.

Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system (53%) ranks higher in terms of customer satisfaction than do users of the Android mobile operating system (48%).  Nokia is the biggest beneficiary of the higher Windows Phone satisfaction levels to date. Nokia'sVery Satisfied rating jumped to 56% this quarter putting it in a dead heat with Samsung (55%) for second place but still well behind Apple (70%), the industry leader.