Nexus 5 Nixed 4 Next Google Moto NXT, X or Not?

Motorola NXT, X or Nexus 5?As Motorola employees are getting pink slips, there have been a few slips as to what pure Google will supposedly be like from Motorola in the Nexus tradition dubbed the Motorola NXT. The device appears to be almost as dreamy as the imagined Motorola X and could be more powerful than the Nexus 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Motorola X logo with blurry graphics showing "NXT "turned out to be fake noted PhoneArena that also hoped to see "some leaked images of the Motorola X from authentic sources."

The conjecturatti and bogusazzi contended that the "NXT" name was a combination of Nexus and X Phone. If we think about the NXT name it would be confused with the Samsung Galaxy S3/4 which are called the "Next big things."

On top of that, Steve Jobs once made NeXT computers and Steve is always considered the father of the iPhone.  The software created for NeXT was later used in OS X and iOS. If you are going to make up a name at least make up a really good one.

Speculated specs for the Motorola X NXT included 4.7" touchscren, NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, 16MP camera and 5MP  front camera which also serves as a light sensor with eye scrolling features.

For some reason the Nexus 5, Motorola X, NXT seems to always land in the dreamware feature department, packing more power and features than the uber-popular, always sold-out Nexus 4. This latest round included a higher MP camera and eye-scrolling that reportedly is coming from in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Nexus 4 is noted for its great price and power but it lacks 4G LTE.  If we were going to make-up the next dream phone, we'd throw in LTE and unlocked for the Verizon Network as seen in the wish lists for the the well-imagined Motorola X.

There was a employment ad seen for the ""Next Generation SmartPhone Platform" that was called the X-Phone in January.

By February, it was rumored that the next Nexus would be announced at Mobile World Congress (didn't happen). There were also "reports" that a phone codenamed the Motorola X with super features including long battery life and flexible display. Wishful thinkers and tinkers were hoping for a 4.7"or larger HD touchscreen, new fancy 4+ core processor, wireless charging and flexible screen.

The good news on this latest round of unfounded rumors is that they were discovered to be false within a day. If you were to make-up a dream phone from Motorola and Google what would be like?

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  1. Love the flexible screen and also it should sell for $249 or less without a contrract.

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