WNiR iPhone Kills, Slows, Grows and Fingerprints in iPhone 5S/6?

WNiR iPhonephenonenalWelcome to o WiMo News iPhonephenomenal Report (WNiR), iPhone news and all the phenomena surrounding it. The most recent phase of iPhone 5S rumors include yays and nays as well as fingerprint scanning technology.  No matter what Apple makes however, its not worth dying for...

  • Apple Picking Deadly - The stealing of iPhones has become very valuable of crooks who go as far as killing. Sadly,  one iPhone owner Hwangbum Yang in Manhattan who was warned of wearing his white iPhone earbuds, was killed in an iPhone theft. “If my son never had an iPhone,” his mother said in an interview, “he would be alive now.” Megan Boken, 23-years-old was killed during an iPhone robbery, in Chicago.
  • Fewer iPhone/iPad Sales- No Cheap Franken-iPhone? - "In conducting our regular field work with the hardware supply chain, we again find evidence of reduced demand to Apple's suppliers for iPhone 5 related components," wrote Citi analyst Glen Yeung. The decline could also be due to Apple clearing inventory for next versions of its devices. "Despite much speculation amongst investors and third-party research, we find limited evidence of a low-end iPhone at this stage," he reported.
  • iPhone 5S Spoons in June? - KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that that Apple will be ready to launch or announce the cheaper iPhone 5S in June for emerging markets. He said that  specifications of the iPhone 5S, may include a faster A7 processor, a larger battery (1,600 mAh), an improved rear camera with “Smart Flash” LED technology and fingerprint security as a key feature (Apple’s recently bought AuthenTec) .
  • iPhone 5s in Production - according to Japanese website Macotakara the iPhone 5S is already in production and NTT Docomo has cut orders of Android phones.
  • Intel Intellligence? - Reuters reported that Intel and Apple have been discussing the possibility of Intel making processors for Apple's core products. Intel has started making chips  designed by fellow chipmaker Altera. This leads to the rumor that the next iPhone could contain for Intel-made A7 chips...
  • Apple Scores with comScore- A comScore survey of the three months ending in January showed Apple had 37.8 percent of the smartphone market, Samsung 21.4%, HTC 9.7%, Motorola 8.6% and LG 7%. Android is at 52.3%.
  • iPhone 5S:Clone or Phony -  A new 'leaked' case of something looks like it can be new iPhone prototype or could equally part of a well-made Chinese iPhone clone,  shows some new connecting planes for components. The case is about the same size as the original iPhone 5 and looks the same on the outside. The photo was was found in a forum and reported by Nowhereelse.fr and the Daily Mail.
  •  Google Maps Update - Google has updated its iPhone app with faster local search integration with contacts.

Note: please be careful where ever you go with your iPhone, to avoid tragedies.  We hope that someday it will be safe to use the phone of your choice and criminals will be deterred from stealing them.

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  1. If rumors are true that iPhone5s is set to come out middle of this year, I'm pretty sure that iPhone fans are pretty excited about it.

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