LG Optimus G Pro AT&T@ 32Mbps vs HTC One @ 26Mbps

If you want a super-sized phablet-phone, the LG Optimus G Pro goes on sale from AT&T today for $199.99 with a contract. The LTE speeds on the LG Optimus G Pro were blazing fast in Los Angeles.

The LG Optimus Pro G has a huge screen and the same processor as the HTC One, however when we tested LTE for both at the same time the LG Optimus G Pro had higher upload and download speeds.  The highest upload speeds for the HTC One was 26Mbps down and 15Mpbs up.  While the highest LTE speeds for the LG Optimus G Pro were 32.9 Mbps down and 16.9Mbps up.LTEspeedtestHere's something for testers to note,  it is fun to keep testing the speed of your smartphone, however just our tests for shooting  a one-minute video on the LG Optimus G Pro in one day used 2GB of data in 24 tests.  If you are on a usage based data plan, we don't suggest you try it at home, because you could blow through a month of data in a few hours testing a network. We tested the G Pro twice as many times as the HTC One which ate up almost 1GB of data.

We wondered why the HTC One was slower, until we released that Blink Feed was running on the HTC One and the HTC One has the HTC Sense UI.

Factors that figure into data speed include processor, location, network conditions and software. The location and  network were exactly the same for both therefore, the difference may be the software.The LG Optimus G Pro features a Snapdragon 1.7GHz quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM, 5.5-inch, 1920 X 1080 Full HD IPS display (400ppi), 13 MP Full HD camera, front camera (with dual recording), TV/entertainment universal remote control, 3,140 mAh Battery, 32GB storage and microSD slot.

LG Optimus G Pro cost $199.99 with a two-year service agreement. Because the screen is so large the battery doesn't last as long as smaller-screend phones.

AT&T offers customers who trade in their recent model smartphone to AT&T may be eligible to receive at least $100 credit.

We will be publishing reviews and a new kind of research for the best smartphones of the summer in the coming weeks, stay-tuned to Wireless and Mobile News for more tests, reviews and observations.