GS 4 (Samsung Galaxy) News: Love, Devs, Mini, ATIV, AWS & Stares

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 continues to be in the news this week.

Samsung has invited the media to an event on June 20 in London, called "Samsung Premier 2013, Galaxy & ATIV." At the event the Samsung is expected to reveal the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini and ATIV. ATIV refers to Windows tablets, notebooks and phones.  The invite shows three images which may mean three different devices or a combo device.  One edge looks like a tablet, one looks like a phone and one looks like a camera...

Samsung wrote, "Attendees will be among the first to see the new additions to the GALAXY and ATIV lines!"

Devs 2 Get AT&T/VZW Dev Editions with Samsung Software

Verizon Wireless and AT&T will offer developer editions of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 which are not the same as the pure Google edition of the GS 4. These models will have the Samsung software installed on top of Android. The developer models will have 16GB of storage and come in black mist only.  You will also have to pay full price.

Cinderella GS 4 Seen in U.K.

The five inch Samsung Galaxy S 4 could be too big for some the Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini may fit Cinderalla and other small-phone likers. The Galaxy S4 mini GT-I9195 appears on the Samsung content site in the U.K. along with its other Galaxy cousins.

The Eyes Have IT

To illustrate the eye scrolling abilities, Samsung launced a kiosk to test staring for one minute. A video follows of how hard it was for some to stare so long with distractions surrounding them.

AWS to Have AWeSome  Speed on VZW

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4 that went on sale, last week, has a hidden surprise, a new spectrum band AWS-based LTE. AWS-LTE was recently acquired by Verizon Wireless which covers the eastern part of the United States. The AWS spectrum should run faster than LTE spectrum on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. AWS-LTE should have data speeds twice as fast as its current LTE speeds. Support for AWS on the Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S 4 will require a software update.

Hi Hey Hello I Can Stalk, Talk & Shoot with GS 4

Samsung also is promoting a new musical video starring the GS 4, showing how it is used to say "Hi, Hey, Hello!" to show the girl how much he loves her using drama shot, video, dancers, voice on photo and all kinds of GS 4 tricks, he of course wins the girl.  They share their love via GS 4 features and gestures includes air swipe.  It is titled a "Modern Day Love Story with a little help from the Samsung Galaxy S 4."  The girl of his dreams of course also has a GS 4. It has a happy ending sound in a group play on multiple GS 4s.

The video is a collaborative musical short film by Grammy award-winning director Joseph Kahn, with music by Chicharones. He joined forces with Samsung to bring to life his artistic vision of GS 4 love in the modern age.  First, you meet the girl then you take video of her and follow her every where she goes then she falls for you?

I'm wondering if fellow females would find the GS 4 guys behavior slightly on the creepy side. "I've been shooting videos of you, therefore I must love you."  Please post your views in the comments below.

The cast credits are shown to be:

  • Air View as Himself.
  • Dual Shot as Herself.
  • Sound & Shot as Himself.
  • Dramashot as Himself.

Group Play as Themselves.