BB Best Cheapest Cyber Monday Deals 2014: LG G3 ($1), $200 Gift card with $1 iPhone 4S, $100 SG Tab 4 10.1 & tablet deals

bestbuycybermondayCyber Monday Deals are back at Best Buy and live for today, Cyber Monday only. The busiest online shopping day of the year.

Yesterday, we saw rock bottom prices on SD and micro SD cards.

Here are the best Cyber Monday Only Deals from Best Buy:

 Don't forget Best Buy offers a  price match guarantee.

The nice thing about Cyber Monday is that you don't have to go the store. Cyber Monday was invented just for online shopping. It is now more popular with some buyers than Black Friday. It makes sense because by Monday people are back in town, may have been with their relatives and are ready to start shopping, during the day.

Cyber Monday began in 2005 in a press release. In 2013, Cyber Monday online sales grew by 20.6% over the previous year to the tune of $2.29 billion, with an average order valued at $128. Employees should be careful because employers have been known to fire workers for shopping during work. You don't have to worry because most Cyber Monday continue until midnight.  We do advise that Best Buy Cyber Monday deals may end as early at 9:00 pm PST because Best Buy goes by the time of its corporate headquarters.

Cyber Monday has been especially good for buyers of cell phones, tablets and computer, because many people have contracts that end in December. Cyber Monday can be an indicator of what prices will be the cheapest the week after Christmas.

The best prices you can ever get on iPads are around this time because Apple fixes prices, the stores use iPad reductions as door busters. It is also the cheapest we have ever seen an iPhone 4S such as the $200 gift card from Sprint.

Often in the past Cyber Monday specials included rebates and trade-in deals. Recently carries have been discounting tablets more because many people already have smartphones.

Recently the carriers have added data and cut line charges due to T-Mobile slashing prices on its plans.  Every time the carriers try to make their plans simpler, a few weeks later they launch plans that are more complicates. The best thing to do is figure out how much you pay per month including taxes and fees.