BlackBerry Review of News: QNX CarPlay, BBM, Secure Word Space, Keyboards & End of Typos?

BBSecureworkspaceBlackBerry is not dead, in fact, it keeps kicking trying to make a comeback. Let's review all the latest BlackBerry news regarding QNX, BBM, security, keyboards and Typos.

QNX Drives Connected Cars

First off, QNX software, owned by BlackBerry, is being used in infotainment systems in luxury vehicles such as the top connected cars in the world BMW and Ford.  In fact QNX software envisions a day, when the car will sense your mood and play songs to fit your mood and style. QNX has been called one of the most valuable assets of the company.

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Boost Mobile Black Friday, Sat, Sun & Cyber Monday Deals: Free Month, Samsung Galaxy Rush/S III/Boost

BlackFridayThursCyberMondaysales2013After finally digesting two lovely Thanksgiving meals, we have finally found out what Boost Mobile is offering for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

 Update November 23, 2014:. Virgin Mobile has  cut prices, already, while Boost Mobile has added a lot more data.

We were wondering why the Virgin Mobile deals seems better until we saw that Boost is offering a $60 account credit for new customers. If you are currently not a Boost Mobile customer these deals are better. 

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BlackBerry Messenger Update for iPod/iPads & Android

BBMSharepinBlackBerry has updated BlackBerry Messenger to support iOS 6 iPads and iPods. The Android app has also been updated with new features.

BBM for iPhone/iOS Improvements

There's better right-to-left language support. The app now works on iPods and iPads iOS6/7. You have more pin code sharing options.

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