Best Buy Best Cyber Monday/Week Deals $50 Code; Better than Walmart on Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5c, Tab 3 and Nexus

BlackFridayThursCyberMondaysales2013We found out that Best Buy is giving out saving codes of up to $50 when you chose in-store pick-up for items bought online through Cyber Monday. In fact, we discovered that  Best Buy online on Saturday through Cyber Monday  is better than Walmart in some cases for mobile phones and when you throw a $5o coupon to spend after December 9, it is very compelling indeed.

 Update November 23, 2014:The incredible Samsung Galaxy S5 for $1 deal is now live at Best Buy for Black Friday 2014. iPad Air 2 deals are coming and we suspect that will sell out quickly.

Yes there is a surprise gift from BestBuy, when you order online, you get a coupon code worth $50 to buy more online or in store when after December 9 through Christmas. Best Buy online until Saturday is better than Walmart in some cases for mobile phones when you factor in the $50 coupon that sends Best Buy over the top. The deal started today, Saturday and runs through Best Buy calls it "Get Up To A Free $50 Savings Code At BestBuy.com When You Choose Store Pickup. The official end date is 12/03, Cyber Monday.  The value card gives you $10 per $100 purchased.

Best Buy Co, Inc.




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Nexus 7 LTE Ready for AT&T, T-Mobile & Unlock

nexu7It took a while, however, a newer Nexus 7 LTE model is now available to work with AT&T or T-Mobile LTE bands for $349 with 32GB of storage. The Nexus 7 16GB icon Wi-Fi model sells for $229 and 32GB Nexus 7 icon model sells for $269.

The cheapest way to buy the Wi-Fi Nexus 7 models and avoid shipping costs is through Walmart which offers free site-to store or home delivery. The Google Play store is also offering free ground shipping for a "limited time."

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Next Nexus 5 to Be Like Moto X vs Next Nexus 10 from Asus?

There are reports that Motorola and Google are working on the next Nexus smartphone for the fourth quarter of this year.  The next Nexus 10 is rumored to made by Asus or Samsung...

If the rumor is true about Motorola as the Next Nexus manufacturer then it will be the first Nexus smartphone made by Motorola. Previous Nexus models were made by HTC, Samsung and LG.

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iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Nexus Tablet Sales Decline Waiting for Next iPad

tabletsDuring the second quarter of 2013, tablet sales slowed, reported IDC.  IDC offers a few explanations.

World wide tablet sales were up almost 60% over last year, however the second quarter were down 10% lower than the first quarter.  IDC believes that the market slowed because there was not a a new iPad released and Apple fans were waiting for the next iPad.

By the fourth quarter, IDC by expects new products from Apple, Amazon, and others to drive impressive growth in the market.

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