Samsung Galaxy S 4(IV) & Note 3 (III) Review of News and Release Dates

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs S3

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs S3As the year ends, with nothing much better to do the conjecturatti and bogusazzi are at it gain suggesting what the Samsung Galaxy S IV and Note III will be like.

First it was rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S IV would be announced at CES--- Not!

It all came about due to interpretations of teaser video.  The  all it says is get ready for something new January 8-11, 2013.  The video then was interpreted later to mean that Samsung would launch new TVs at CES.

Here's where it gets really perverse there was a "rumor" that the Samsung Galaxy S IV would have a flexible unbreakable display, which was refuted by the Verge's "unamed source."  Rather than unbreakable the screen will be HD with 1920x1080 HD display like the Droid DNA.  The Samsung Galaxy S IV won't even be announced at Mobile World Congress but at its own events.

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