Nexus 4 Play Orders Delivered 2Day-Back-in-Stock- BuyingTips

Nexus 4 Box

Nexus 4 BoxAfter months of shortages and long waits for orders, the Nexus 4 from the Google Play Store went back on sale on the January 29 and orders were delivered yesterday and today. Play Store orders are still being accepted. The Nexus 4 was named the top unlocked smartphone of 2012 and it appears it was worth waiting for with smiling emoticons from buyers.

Some of those who placed their orders, however, wished that they had also ordered the bumper at the same time to avoid a second shipping fee. Customers reported that it is important to make sure that your address and credit card information in your Google Play account is correct.

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HTC ThunderBolt Android ICS Update Release Date Tip

HTC ThunderBolt udpate

HTC ThunderBolt udpateIn the can't believe its really happening department, is Verizon has announced that is first LTE powerhouse the HTC ThunderBolt will be getting an update from Android Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.04.

The HTC ThunderBolt due to LTE testing was announced in January at CES in 2011, with an expected launch in February and not launched until March 17, 2011.  The first update to Android 2.3 was suspended in September 2011.  In September 2012, HTC  reported that they were aware that they missed their deadline they promised in May.

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Unlock iPhone Samsung Galaxy & Android vs Rooting Jailbreak & New US Law Tips


LockThere has been a practice of unlocking by owners of iPhones , Android and Samsung Galaxy devices including tablets in order use the device on another network or carriers such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile.  A new law goes into effect January 26 which bans unlocking phones without the carriers' permission. In reaction to this law there is now a petition circulation to change it.

First off, if you have an unlocked device, there is very little chance that will ever get in trouble as long as you  are not a device trafficker.  Unlocking is different from jailbreaking or rooting that changes the original iOS or Android software to allow it load other software or perform new functions. Unlocking the bootloader allows developers to load non-market apps onto the device for testing. The bootloader tells the device what to load at startup an is usually determined by the carriers' wishes for the device manufacturer.

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