Order Dominio's Pizza on Mobile Phones

art97/art97/dominos_logo.gifDomino's Pizza  now allows customers to place their orders from web-enabled cell phones to nearly half of their U.S. stores on mobile.dominos.com. Designed
for the small screen of a cell phone, mobile, dominos.com features a
streamlined interface for optimal speed.

ANN ARBOR, Mich./ -- Domino's Pizza
(NYSE: DPZ), the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, is making ordering
a piping, hot pizza even easier with the introduction of mobile ordering. Now,
customers with web-enabled cell phones can place their order from nearly 2,500
of Domino's 5,128 U.S. stores on mobile.dominos.com.

Domino's mobile ordering site is similar to its current online ordering
Web site, yet even more specialized for the quick order experience. Designed
for the small screen of a cell phone, mobile.dominos.com features a
streamlined interface for optimal speed. It also automatically adapts to the
size of any cell phone screen, no matter what service carrier customers use.
Once on the site, customers can enter their Domino's online ordering username
and password and all orders saved on the system will carry-over to their
mobile device -- including any coupons associated with the order -- making
re-ordering your favorite pizza meal a breeze.

"With so many people living life on-the-go, Domino's mobile ordering
delivers even more convenience for our customers' busy lifestyles," said Rob
Weisberg, Domino's vice president of precision and print marketing. "With the
addition of yet another order-taking channel, Domino's is thrilled to lead the
market with this breakthrough technology that continues to change the way
people think about ordering pizza."

    How it Works
1. From a web-enabled cell phone (supported by any carrier) visit
2. Enter your favorite pizza, side-item and Coca-Cola(R) order and
delivery address
3. If you are paying by credit card, enter your credit card information
over Domino's secured network
4. In about 30 minutes ... Get the door. It's Domino's(R).

Weisberg continued, "Results from our mobile ordering beta testing were
very positive leading us to offer this service nationally. We will continue to
make enhancements to mobile.dominos.com as we roll-out the service in new