Verizon Bundles Landline and Wireless

Verizon is now offering a plan that allows unlimited calling between customers’ home phones and their
Verizon wireless phones,  200 wireless minutes, unlimited landline calls and other features for a $59.99 a month.

It appears that the  plan is aimed at young people who don’t have a landline
phone and at people who don’t have a cellphone.

NEW YORK - The best in landline calling and
wireless services are now combined for customers who choose the newest
calling plan from Verizon.   Beginning today, customers within
Verizon’s landline service area can bundle home and wireless calling in
a simple package and get cool calling features and unlimited calling
between their home and their Verizon Wireless phone - all on a single
bill at prices starting at $59.99 a month.

“The new calling plans provide the convergence that lets customers
who are new to wireless or those who have been all-wireless create a
total connection for themselves and their families,” said John
Stratton, Verizon’s chief marketing officer. “Modern living demands
total connectedness — voice and data, home and away — and this new
initiative delivers.” 

The plans offer new levels of simplicity and affordability.   The
single bill for both services is a key convenience factor frequently
requested by customers.  Verizon has added additional value by offering
unlimited calling between the landline and the Verizon Wireless phone.

“Making calls on the two best networks in the country at a great
price locks in the value customers want from a combined calling plan,”
Stratton said.

The integrated calling plans can be coupled with Verizon’s broadband
and entertainment offers as well, creating three- and four-service

The plans start at $59.99 a month in most markets. The wireless
service includes 200 minutes of calling on a Verizon Wireless phone
with unlimited IN (in-network) Calling between Verizon Wireless
customers, and unlimited home-to-mobile phone calling.  The landline
service is the Verizon Freedom Value calling plan, which allows
unlimited nationwide landline calling. All services appear on a single
bill.  Prices can vary by state.

For about $15 more per month, customers can instead get 450 any-time
minutes, Unlimited Night and Weekend Minutes and Unlimited IN Calling
from Verizon Wireless; and  Verizon Freedom Essentials, the landline
unlimited domestic-calling plan, which includes the top three calling
features - Caller ID, Call Waiting and Home Voice Mail.  Other Verizon
Wireless services, such as Family Share calling plans, can be linked to
the landline offer at additional cost.  

The new calling plans can be ordered through Verizon call centers,
Verizon Wireless stores, Verizon Experience Stores, Verizon Plus Stores
and online at