Jumble Goes Mobile and Web

jumblemobile.gifFans of the incredibly popular Jumblepuzzle in print now have a website where they can play eight different interactive daily Jumble games and download a Jumble puzzle pack to their mobile phones — http://www.jumble.com.

The Daily Jumble, Jumble for Kids and Jumble Crosswords interactive and mobile games feature the same daily clues and answers found in more than 600 newspapers in the United States and abroad.

Jumble mobile sells for $5.95 and works on the following phones:
Phone Compatibility
LG - cg225 260 LX160 550 LX-570 150
Motorola - c290 ic402 ic502 ic902 k1m L7C SLVR V3m
Nokia - 3155i 6165i
Samsung - A920 M510 A580 A620 A660 A740 A840 A880 A900P A900 A940 M500 M610 Z400
Sanyo - M1 7400 7500 9000 6650 Katana II 8400 2400 3100 3200 6600 7000 7050 8300 8500

The new games are:
— Jumble Word Vault — requires unscrambling words using the dials on a bank vault and offers nested vaults, each getting more difficult. — Jumble Solitaire — combines the phenomenally successful interactive solitaire game play with Jumble — uses letters and scrambled words instead of card suits. — Jumpin’ Jumble — the thinking person’s game of checkers requires the player to build word chains by jumping board squares. — Jumble Jong — adds a Jumble twist to the popular game of Mah Jong. — Word Web — players build words on a spider’s web while trying to fit in new letters that drop onto the web and beat the clock.

Jumble.com is the new flagship site for “everything Jumble.” The site also offers a Jumble shopping experience where fans can buy books, board games and other puzzle and game products. Later this spring, Jumble.com will feature a Jumble “Player’s Forum” and a blog where Jumble creators David Hoyt, Mike Argirion and Jeff Knurek discuss classic and new Jumble games in print, online, and on mobile.

“Jumble.com offers Jumble fans a destination for all things Jumble,” said Steve Tippie, VP Licensing at Tribune Media Services (TMS), which owns the brand and licenses Jumble products. “Jumble has been the most popular and most syndicated word puzzle in newspapers for more than fifty years and has a fanatical player base in print. In the last ten months, TMS and our game development and publishing partners uClick have created interactive and mobile versions of the popular newspaper puzzles-Daily Jumble, Jumble for Kids and Jumble Crosswords — and five all-new Jumble-themed games, with more to come.”

Adds Tippie, “Jumble’s success has inspired us to create new game and puzzle lines under the ‘From the People Who Bring You Jumble’ tagline. We’ve got a top team of puzzle and game inventors and excellent technology and marketing partners to help us turbo charge the Jumble brand.”

Jumble: That Scrambled Word Game was launched in June 1954. The puzzle was created by Bob Lee (the word puzzles) and Henri Arnold (the cartoons). It quickly became the leading word puzzle in newspapers after the daily crossword puzzle and has kept its position at the top since. More than 60 million people in over 600 newspapers in the United States and Canada have access to Jumble every day. It is also in English-language newspapers in other parts of the world.