Verizon Ringback Buddies Managed on Facebook

Verizon Wireless said  has launched Ringback Buddies.  Ringback
Buddies, available as an application on Facebook Platform, allows customers to browse, purchase and manage their ringback tones and jukeboxes while on the site.

With ringback tones, people who call your wireless phone hear
music instead of a traditional ring.  Ringback Buddies allows users to
easily view the music their friends like or want, purchase those
ringback tones, then assign them to their friends, so they hear the
music they like when they call you.     

Using Ringback Buddies, customers also will see "top 10" lists
of tones and jukeboxes available to sample or to buy.  The application
allows users to make recommendations to their friends and see their
wish lists.  Music lovers can also rate the most popular or
undiscovered ringback tones or invite their friends to add Ringback
Buddies to their profiles.  

When logged on to Facebook, users can search the word
"ringback" to find and install the application.  When on Verizon's
Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/verizon), users click on the "music" tab under Featured Applications to access Ringback Buddies.

Ringback Buddies is delivered using the envIOWorks platform
from Andover, Mass.-based envIO networks. It is available as a free
application on Facebook Platform, which enables companies and
developers to integrate with the Facebook Web site and gain access to
its more than 100 million active users. Individual ringback tones are
available from Verizon Wireless for an annual fee of $1.99, and prices
vary for pre-made jukeboxes or groups of ringback tones. Regardless of
the number of ringback tones purchased, a 99 cents monthly subscription
applies to customers using ringback tones.