T-Mobile Buys Billion G1 Google Ads on Platform A Today & Tommorrow

AOL's Platform-A said that it will launch, in partnership
with T-Mobile USA, an unprecedented billion-impression web advertising
campaign across Platform-A during a two-day period on November 10 --
11 which will promote the T-Mobile G1 with Google phone.

The buy is called "T-Mobile Billion Block," the most-expansive
two-day ad buy in Platform-A history . Over a two-day
period, the T-Mobile G1 will dominate a significant amount of AOL and
other Platform-A inventory, and it's estimated that approximately 81.5
million consumers will view ads.

There has been a lot news regarding T-Mobile's G1 Google phone.  So much so, that we have created a page of all the T-Mobile G1 articles.