Amazing Grace and Believe in God Most Popular Christain Ringtunes

Christian Ringtunes are ringing all over the world and projecting
the greatest story ever told, says their latest news release.

The Christian oriented off-deck website's most popular ringtone is "Amazing Grace, Creole Trumpet," followed by "Believe in God" with the song snippet, "I believe in God and Jessus Christ, You gonna' have eternal life," sung by Jonathan. does not require a subscription fee registration. The hundreds of ring
tones offered on the website are all high quality recordings and there
is no charge to preview.

"Christian Ringtones not only offers people a way of proclaiming
their faith to all who hear the songs, but at the same time, a way of
supporting a worthy charity. That is because
gives a portion of every sale to the Emmanuel Orphanages of Tijuana,

The Emmanuel Orphanages operate two homes in Tijuana. They care for
almost 100 boys and girls, from 6-17 years of age, and are supported by
contributions from churches, individuals, and businesses like the
Christian Power Network. They do not receive any financing from any
government agency.

Since Christian Ringtunes has deals with all of the major cell phone
companies, anyone can simply download a Christian ringtone and have it
billed to their cell phone.