Best BlackBerry Storm Apps - Software Suggestions for the Holidays


The BlackBerry Storm can be very useful over the holidays for news, social networking, music, photos, and travel. Here are some apps to help bring joy, information and light to the holiday season.

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News and Information
Viigo- Viigo delivers news, weather, flight schedules and status, real-time
sports scores, stock quotes and market data, entertainment, hotel and
restaurant reviews, blogs and other information especially formatted for easy BlackBery use.  All the kinds of things needed during the holidays.

There is an beta  version Viigo for BlackBerry Storm.  We've
seen a video of  how it works with the BlackBerry Storm and they have
developed it to work with gestures shortcuts of moving the fingers left
and right move pages. The video is at the end of this article.

Social Netorking

for BlackBerry Storm
- already comes pre-installed on the BlackBerry
Storm  you can post status updates, upload photos, invite friends,
write on friend's wall.  It is set up according to your preferences,
set up in your main Facebook account. Here's an opportunity to connect
and find friends over the holidays.

Holiday Music - Rock Around the Tree
-  Users of non-iTunes-friendly phones get a "social-networking" way to
get access
to their playlists on the go.  nuTsie doesn't download your songs from
iTunes, but matches the names of the songs in your playlists to
those in its own database. Then it streams the actual music from its
server.  It gives access to your songs and also
friends' playlists and those compiled by nuTsie's own
"experts." It costs $4.99 a month or $19.99 a year.

Note:  BlackBerry has updated their media sync program. There is now a preview version for MAC OS.

Smile for the Camera - Click & Share

Flickr for BlackBerry -
this app makes it easier to upload photos to Flckr photo sharing
service.  When used on the Storm the accelerometer funcitons
automatically change from portrait to landscape.

Jiveslide - allows you to
access thousands of photos through the Flickr on your BlackBerry.
Photos stored on Flickr appear instantly on the BlackBerry. 

Traveling to Visit Loved-Ones?
WorldMate Live Travel App
- the free version of this  application launched earlier this month has
Automatic flight alerts for over 175 airlines, suggestions for
alternate flights if you need to reschedule., daily and weekly flight
schedules for over 90% of the world's commercial flights.

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