Ericsson Goes Green with Alternative Power, Hybrid and Wind


Ericsson is offering energy-efficient products with emphasis on network energy optimization. This kind of deployment is especially needed for the emerging markets their news release notes.

In 2007, Ericsson
implemented biofuel as an alternative energy resource, and in 2000
Ericsson was the first telecom player to deploy a solar solution to
power a Moroccan operator's mobile network. Wind power is another example of an alternative energy resource for powering mobile
networks located beyond the electricity grid

Ericsson also introduced of a unique hybrid solutions where we use submarine batteries that can be recharged over and over
again to power a mobile network.The solution saves
approximately 10 000 liters of diesel per radio site per year, which is
40 to 50 percent of the diesel needed. This adds up to large quantities
of fuel that can be saved in a mobile network with hundreds or
thousands of diesel powered radio sites.

green solutions to build and power mobile networks holds the key to
reaching billions of people that have never had access to communication
services. And the benefits of green solutions are twofold - not only
does this mean telecom operators can build and operate mobile networks
cost efficiently, the enviromnet is also a winner as less fossil fuel is needed to run the mobile networks.