Free Blago Tones Make Fun of Blagojevich's Demise

blagojevich-FAIL.jpgRemember Sarah Palintones? Now there are free Blago Tones, crazy comments from the Illinois Senator Rod Blagojevich from FunMobility.

To be sure you get them for free after you enter your number.,do not click on the box that says "I have read and accept the terms and conditions for $8.99 a month."  Below the screen is a cell phone image that says, "No thanks just send it to my phone." After, you click, It sends you back to the acceptance screen again without the $8.99 month question and you will get the ringtone for free.

Blago Tones

  • My Name is Rod Blagojevich: A mash-up based on the
    popular Eminem song, "My Name Is Slim Shady."
  • The Blagojevich
    A quick, rain-infused pick-me-up delivered through Blagojevich's famous
    comment: "I don't believe there is any cloud hanging over me, I think there's
    nothing but sunshine hanging over me." Indeed!
  • Wire Tap - Rod
    Blagojevich: A mock-up clip of a Blagojevich impersonator claiming, "If I don't
    get what I want, then I'll just take the Senate seat myself."
  •  Governor Blagojevich Arrested: A funny re-enactment of Blagojevich's arrest,
    overdubbed with the infamous Comedy Central interview where the Governor turns
    off-camera to ask, "Is he teasing me, or is this legit?"
  • Wire
    - Blagojevich Needs Editorial Support: Blasting commentary from a
    Blagojevich impersonator discussing his recommendation to get those people "the
    $#@! outta there and get us some Editorial Support.

You can download
Blago Tones from http://www.funmo.com/ringtones/399970/blago-tones,
as well as other popular mobile content from FunMobility’s direct-to-conusmer
website at FunMo.com.