Most Embarrassing Cell Phone Moment Winners from Wirefly

Wirefly Wirefly announced the winners of the Wirefly "Most Embarrassing Moment with Your Phone" Contest. The crazy unsettling moments involve weddings, bosses, misunderstood text messages, toilets, and flying cell phones.

Here Comes the Cell Phone Funny Ringtone

Grand Prize Winner, Karen Emerson of Biloxi, MS, won a Motorola Krave ZN4 and accessory bundle. She won for her amusing story of  forgetting that her cell phone was in her garter belt on her wedding day.  The celluar garter rang to the tune of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" as her father walked her down the aisle.

Here are the other winners:

Boss Called Dog

2nd Place: Jon Froehlich, Alexandria, VA - Believing he was speaking to a co-worker on the phone, Jon Froehlich referred to his boss, Mr. Clifford, as "The Big Red Dog", referencing the popular children's book. Unfortunately, it was Mr. Clifford on the other line.

The Low-Down on Texting from that Another Woman - Lo-Cell

3rd Place: Stacy Sawyer, DeValls Bluff, AR - Stacy Sawyer had to
solve an argument between her parents because her father was
continuously receiving text messages from "Lo-Cell". Her mother
believed "Lo-Cell" was another woman. Sawyer's father was receiving
notifications that his battery was low!

Singing the BlackBerry Toilet Blues

4th Place: David Toledo, Miramar, FL - David Toledo accidently dropped his BlackBerry into an airplane toilet
on a flight to visit a client. He fished it out of the toilet and it
was still fully operational. However, when he arrived to the meeting,
he was informed by his client that he had a huge blue stain on his
face. Now that's a problem for the TIdy Bowl man!

Cell Phone Gets Busted

5th Place: Stacey Fisher, Methuen, MA - AT a Renaissance fair with
her husband, Stacey Fisher tripped over a tree stump, causing her cell
phone to soar through the air.  It landed directly into the bosom of a
woman, who was dressed in a bustier and corset.

"The most surprising part of the contest was the overwhelming number
of 'dropping the phone in the toilet' stories we received", said Jeff
Gregory, Director of Marketing, "Apparently, people do a lot more
multi-tasking than we realized."

In fact, the hilarity of fourth place winner, David Toledo's story
of fishing his Blackberry out of an airplane toilet garnered the
attention of National Public Radio (NPR) program "All Things
Considered", for a segment "Dropped Calls: When Cell Phone Meets

If you didn't win this round Wirefly often offers phones for free to new customers with a two-year contract.

What was your most embarrassing cell phone moment?