Mozilla Mobile Fennec Browser Released

fennec.pngMozilla has just made available Fennec alpha 2, a new pre-release of its mobile browser.

This is the second alpha version of the mobile browser, the first version was deemed sluggish by some reviewers. 

The have improved startup
performance, panning and zooming performance, and responsiveness while
pages are loading. They have made speed improvements as well. Fennec's main content area is rendered on a canvas element instead of using a conventional browser element.
Some other features:

  • Click on a phone number to initiate a call.
  • JavaScript API to get device location.
  • Instant Web site ID.
  • Password manager.
  • Popup blocker.
  • Clear private data.

This project is open source. Mozilla Firefox for desktop PCs has many
features, is considered faster than other browsers and offers many
handy plug-ins. Developers have already developed a "Twitter" bar for
the browser.

Right now the browser only runs on Nokia N810 Internet Tablet running OS2008. To download and read release notes click this link.