New Antenna Tech Lowers Power Use of BlackBerry, iPhone Etc.


Atif Shamim, an electronics PhD student at Carleton University, has developed a way to greatly reduced smartphone, such as BlackBerry or iPhone power consumption.

He developed a prototype that removes of all the wires used
to connect the electronic circuits with the antenna. It uses packaging technique to connect the antenna
with the circuits via a wireless connection between a micro-antenna
embedded within the circuits on the chip.

"This has not been tried before -- that the circuits are connected to
the antenna wirelessly. They've been connected through wires and a
bunch of other components. That's where the power gets lost," Mr.
Shamim said in the Ottawa Citizen

The module, Shamim developed consumes 12 times less power than the
traditional, wired-transmitter module. It is also much simpler in
design which lowers the overall cost of any device using it.