Watch TV Over Wi-Fi with Joost Free iPhone App

Ijoostiphone.jpgf you would like to watch TV shows and independent bands on your iPhone, Joost's free iPhone app is for you. Joost allows you watch TV shows from CBS, Comedy Central, Warner Bros. and Sony at no charge over a Wi-Fi connection.

Joost is one of the most popular iPhone applications noted USA Today. Similar to Joost on the iPhone is ad-supported and free for users.

Joost on the iPhone and iPod touch is an important step for Joost as we
endeavor to offer users premium entertainment, where they want it and
when they want it," said Mike Volpi, CEO of Joost.

iPhone and iPod touch users can choose what to watch on Joost in a variety of ways:

  • Browsing by category

  • Selecting "Most Popular" videos

  • Watching "Our Picks"

  • Searching for a specific video

offers more than 46,000 videos including 18,000 music videos, 400 TV
series and 1,200 movies and short films. Joost is available globally,
offering content from more than 300 partners worldwide. Content varies
by geography due to individual agreements with copyright holders.