Weekly Review Verizon BlackBerry Storm Updates - Which One Works Best?

blackberrythunderstorm.jpgThe rumor mill around the BlackBerry Storm, when updates would be available and what update works with what version of the BlackBerry Storm can be quite befuddling. Therefore today, we'd like to review what updates are available for the  BlackBerry Storm, today.

In the U.S,  Verizon BlackBerry Storm owners have quite few options:

Starting on Monday, users who downloaded an update from the RIM BlackBerry Storm update  website, if they checked the right boxes could get version Some BlackBerry Forum members were able to complete  the update successfully while some reloaded the OS they already had and lost data. Previous to the updates launched by BlackBerry, CrackBerry leaked it.



On Friday, Verizon released three options for upgrading the BlackBerry Storm
firmware to Downloading it via the Desktop Manager,
a web-based upgrade (if Desktop manager has not been installed) and
Firmware Over the Air Updates (FOTA) starting at 8:30 pm PST Friday, evening.

Clicking through the Verizon website revealed exactly what the upgrade fixes and improves.

Updates have to be released from the carrier, noted RIM's pr spokeswoman. 

Meanwhile in Europe, Vodafone (Germany) released OS  on the 4th and Boy Genius suggested that his readers give it a try.(We suggest you make sure you know what you are doing before attempting to use it if you have a Verizon phone.)

CrackBerry reported that, Bell Canada (even though it is not selling the BlackBerry Storm yet) was  offering v.  There are lots of hoops to jump through to get it to work including deleting the vendor xml file and downgrading to the previous version which CrackBerry forum members diligently did. There were 481 posts on the topic that we read through to figure out how it went.

One CrackBerry forum member commented:

"Seems fine, but so far, I don't notice any difference from .75 really." 

Another wrote after doing many fixes and wiping of data, he seems to have lost his third party ringtones, "....but when someone calls me it won't ring."

While another exlcaimed,  "Blazin' Fast."

Eventually, we hope all BlackBerry Storm users throughout the world will have the best and latest upgrade from their carrier. 

Because there has been no official statements from RIM, we can't be sure what the latest updates  and OS do.  It was very helpful that Verizon published a sheet informing carriers of the fixes.  These kinds of things take time.

At least Verizon is letting BlackBerry Storm userss know about their update, a CrackBerry Forum member wrote

"I actually had a Verizon CS rep call me today to tell me that an update
was coming very shortly. He also wanted to know if I had any issues
with the Storm."

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