Beta Release of Free SPOT Shared Pages

SPOT launched the beta release of SPOT shared pages - a
free, web-based software application that enables users to
share their GPS location waypoints and SPOT messages with others via an
email link displaying mapping and real time tracking on
Google Maps.

SPOT, the world's first satellite messenger, sends the users' GPS
location and custom messages to family and friends or emergency
responders over a satellite communications network. Users can designate
up to ten email or cell phone addresses to receive messages directly.
Now with SPOT shared pages, users can create, manage and share their
SPOT messages, with enhanced GPS waypoints, from around town or around
the world for anyone online to track the SPOT user's progress.

"With its introduction, the SPOT Satellite Messenger gave people
who spend their days outside of cell coverage the ability to send a
message to a small, select group in real time." said Darren Bassel,
Marketing Director for SPOT Inc. "Shared pages are an answer to the
tremendous response we've seen from all of the adventure racers,
hikers, bikers, hunters, boaters, and pilots who can now broadcast
their waypoint history to anyone with a web connection. SPOT shared
pages takes social networking into the real world since SPOT subscribes
can update others over the web with a single button push from virtually

The shared pages service is a no-charge optional feature that is
available to any SPOT subscriber so others can view their SPOT messages
whether they have a SPOT account or not. The user creates his or her
shared page, chooses what information is to be shown and emails a web
link to friends and family. Currently, shared pages can display the
last 24 hours of any subscriber's SPOT data. Later this summer it is
expected users will be able to share up to seven days worth of
information. Shared pages can be either password protected for limited
access or available to the general public without restriction.

SPOT subscribers control every aspect of their shared page including:

• Public and private settings

• Multiple shared pages

• One or multiple SPOT messengers to be shared

• Personalization/naming of shared pages

• Password protection

• What Information is shown

• Creation of new and overall maintenance of their shared pages

SPOT enables users, to send their location and message to friends,
family, or emergency responders, and to visually track the location of
the SPOT satellite messenger through four simple functions:

Alert 9-1-1 notifies the emergency response center of your GPS location

Ask for Help sends a request for help to friends and family

Check In lets contacts know where you are and that you are OK

Track Progress sends and saves your location and allows contacts to track your progress using Google Maps™

Weighing just over 7 ounces and sold at U.S. $169.95 SRP, the SPOT
satellite messenger provides a new level of safety and peace-of-mind
for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time in the outdoors or
just wants to stay connected with a line of communication.

For more information about SPOT Shared pages and how to share adventures online, please visit


The SPOT Satellite Messenger, the world's first satellite
messenger, uses both the GPS satellite network to determine a
customer's location and the SPOT network to transmit that information
to friends, family or an emergency service center. SPOT Inc., a
subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc. (NASDAQ: GSAT), provides lifesaving
communications technology that allows users to communicate from remote
locations around the globe. Thanks to this affordable, cutting-edge
personal safety device, the company offers people peace of mind by
allowing customers to notify friends and family of their location and
status, and to send for emergency assistance in time of need,
completely independent of cellular phone or wireless coverage. For more
information on how SPOT Inc. is helping users live to tell about itSM -
from disaster preparedness to outdoor adventure purposes - visit