Uclick Web Comics and Cartoons for iPhone iPod

uclicklogo.jpgUclick is offering a special iPhone / iPod website for its comics.  Clicking on www.uclick.com from an iPhone or iPod automatically displays for the devices in Safari.

The iPhone-optimized site features 150 comic strips and single-panel
cartoons, including Doonesbury, Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, Close to
Home, Cul De Sac and many more.

There are 61 editorial cartoons from the right, left and the middle
of the political road. Featured editorial artists include Pat Oliphant,
Ted Rall, and Glenn McCoy.

The new site provides a quick index to the comic books, manga and
graphic novels Uclick has recently added to the iPhone App Store. Most
of these new titles are available from the App Store for only 99-cents
(U.S.) and include multiple installments of classics and collections of
new artists' creations. The site makes it easy to find all the
installments of Bone, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many others as
well as original webcomic creations now distributed by Uclick,
including Basic Instructions, We The Robots and Pibgorn.