BlackBerry Data Outage Yesterday, Today and Tommorrow?

BlackberryBanner.gifAccording to Boy Genius Report there was a major data outage for BlackBerry Smartphones in the United States, yesterday. Some areas are back in service today.

There appeared to problems in Houston and Baltimore/Washington D.C. areas.

AT&T told Boy Genius that their BlackBerry Internet Server (BIS) was down. It's a RIM issue and and RIM engineers are working on it.. Boy Genius Report reports that they "know several areas of the Northeast are still without service,
including many in the New York / New Jersey region, but AT&T claims
only enterprise customers are still affected at this point."

A commenter posted "It seems people are getting "data connection refused" or edge instead
of EDGE. AT&T  blames RIM and RIM says its AT&T. That's well and
good except the T-Mobile users who were/are having the exact same issue.

Another commenter noted, "The issue was with BIS (not BES) and I've heard from both RIM and the
carrier that the problem was fixed yesterday, which seems consistent
with what I heard from other people. And mine is working fine. If
you're having a problem today, you should call your carrier or your ISP
because it is probably a local issue."

A Sprint user commented that his BlackBerry was "down." Someone from Los Angeles commented that service was down yesterday and back up last night.