Computrace Now Tracks and Traces BlackBerry Smartphones

computraceblackberry.jpgAbsolute Software has launched Computrace Mobile for the BlackBerry
platform. The Computrace service offers asset management, data protection
and geolocation tracking for BlackBerry smartphones. Which is very handy if you ever lose your BlackBerry or it gets stolen. It will prevent finders from keeping and losers from weeping.

Computrace can reduce IT operational costs with the ability to manage IT assets
from a single portal, the Absolute Customer Center. Computrace adds an additional layer of data protection and increased compliance
with government data breach laws through remote Data Delete
capabilities. Computrace offers the ability to track smartphones using geolocation and display the location on a map.

The launch follows beta testing program. allowed
select Absolute customers to test Computrace Mobile for BlackBerry
smartphones within their live IT operations.

One beta test customer,
John D. Halamka, CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess & Harvard Medical
School, commented, "I depend on my BlackBerry to run five
different organizations, $100 million in annual budgets, and 800 emails
a day. The Computrace Agent enables me to track my Blackberry
via its internal GPS. Also, it enables my staff to track my location to
an accuracy of about 20 meters. Over my 60 days of testing, it
accurately tracked geolocation 24x7."

After Computrace Mobile is installed and activated on smartphones,
it reports asset and location information every 30 minutes. IT
administrators can detect hardware and software changes on the
smartphone, as well as run daily reports to see its locations using
Google Maps within the secure Absolute Customer Center. If a
smartphone is lost or stolen, IT administrators can issue a Data Delete
command using the Absolute Customer Center portal. Upon receiving the
Data Delete command, the Computrace Agent on the smartphone permanently
deletes sensitive information, helping to keep it out of the hands of
unauthorized users.

Computrace Mobile is currently available for BlackBerry OS versions
4.2.1 and later, including consumer models and all future models, as
well as all Windows Mobile 5 and 6 handheld devices such as the MOTO Q, Palm Treo and Samsung BlackJack.