Deal of Day: Better than AT&T LG Vu Buy One Get One Free Offer?

lg_vu_920.pngSome of you may have seen the new commercial for the LG Vu that says "Buy one get one free."  That may not be the best deal on the LG Vu.  The way it works is that you have to buy two LG Vu phones for $99 each, then for each phone you get a $50 mail-in rebate, which then in turn means you  are still paying $50 for each phone. You do get a better deal for monthly service with a family plan, but if you just need one phone, the best deal is still the virtually free LG Vu with our coupon-link what we call "Buy one with coupon-link and get $50 rebate, which makes the LG VU, virtually free."

As we reported earlier on March 1, in the article titled "Best Cheapest Deal of the Day LG Vu with Free NCAA Games"  if you use the Wireless and Mobile News'  $50 off online only coupon-link with a plan then one LG Vu is virtually free.  The way it works is that you get $50 instantly off the LG Vu when you buy it online, then you get the mail-in rebate, making the LG Vu virtually free.

Where the LG Vu really shines is for TV viewing and touchscreen.  Reviews
were positive for this touchscreen feature phone. If live TV is your thing then the LG Vu is for you, it even has picture in picture for browsing TV shows. They are still offering two months of free TV service to Watch the NCAA March Madness games.