New Development Platform for Java Phones Nemo

Nemo_Stocks_small.pngEverypoint has developed a new platform bringing graphics and always-on services to mass-market mobile devices. They are showing the first five applications developed using the mobile application development platform, Nemo.

Each application illustrates the full potential of Everypoint's unified approach to mobile application development and takes full advantage of Nemo's end-to-end platform enabling the creation, distribution and management of highly interactive and graphically elegant mobile applications.

All applications developed in Nemo will be able to run on 1+ billion Internet-enabled mobile phones already purchased by consumers from manufacturers, including: Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and ZTE.

Among the interactive applications created are a real-time stock
quote application, Blackjack and Block Attack. Each application was
developed quickly and efficiently using the Nemo platform and leverages
the platform's robust capabilities. Highlights include:

  • Stock Ticker and Zodiac take advantage of Nemo's full push-sync
    capabilities and capacity to directly integrate with third-party web
    services to deliver real-time stock quote and horoscope updates with
    "always-on" access to Nemo's server-side real-time infrastructure,
    which enables efficient data sharing across applications and users.
  • Blackjack
    and Solitaire utilize Nemo's powerful vector graphics engine to deliver
    a crisp, rich look-and-feel, bringing high-end graphics capabilities to
    mass-market mobile phones.
  • The animation potential of Nemo's
    stunning, high performance vector graphics engine is illustrated by the
    puzzle game Block Attack that delivers animation capabilities that
    rival those available on luxury smartphones.

"These five mobile applications were developed over a period of only a few weeks and already represent some of the most graphically impressive and feature-rich applications ever seen on feature phones," said Allan Mackinnon, Founder, President and CTO of Everypoint. "An increasing number of the world's most talented developers are turning to Nemo to unlock the latest capabilities of feature phones and have a distribution channel capable of reaching over a billion consumers worldwide. With the mobile market becoming increasingly fragmented by the day, we're thrilled to provide developers worldwide access to a consumer market which is 100x the current luxury smartphone market."

Demos of each application can be trialed using Everypoint's online emulator at All five applications, source code and tutorials are freely available for download today by all registered Nemo developers.
Nemo is now available for preview beta via registration at There are no fees paid to Everypoint by developers for access to the Nemo Preview Beta Program and Nemo's Development Environment. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available at