Palm Pre webOS Developer Video Available


The developer webinar for the Palm Pre has some interesting information about the Palm Pre webOS titled, "O'Reily Webcast Developing Applications Uses Palm webOS.  Mitch Allen describes webOS as a system that melds a card-face windows OS with a browser environment.

Applications are built with standard languages and web development tools. There are different levels of developmental architecture. The high level architecture integrate with system manager in conjunction with Mojo framework. Developers can work with the User Interface, Widgets
Hardware and the system OS available on the Palm Pre.

The Palm Pre works via embedded Linux OS.  To built apps that work well, he suggests that developers work with the user experience first. Applications launch from cards. Cards can be launched for each function or app. Developers can implement, several kinds of notifications, subtle banners notification on notification bar. The dashboard lets you look at apps that are running.

Mojo uses JavaScript. To get started developers just need a web browser and text editor, but it helps to know Java. Mojo uses some HTML tags and has some of its own HTML codes mixed with CSS.

Mojo Connects Stages and Scenes:
Stages are like browser tabs or windows. Stages are cards or dashboard panels.
are what are put on the stages, music text, and can be stacked. They
can be linked to each other with taps. Scenes can be "pushed."

Style Classes
are included for styling of widgets. CSS "div" codes are used. There
are styles already for buttons.The JavaScript "handlers" are setup,
push, activate, and deactivate.

Widgets can be toggles, buttons, menus, pickers, viewers, and etertainers. Values can be pushed between scenes and cards.

JavaScript, CSS and HTML work together. Mojo uses local storage, "
depot" database functions and Cookies functions. There are call
services to the GPS, web browser, camera, accelerometer and other
device functions. lets developers register for

Here Are Answers from the Q&A:

  • Games will work best are web-centric games. Networking is available for WAN and Wi-Fi. The data connection is provided and can use AJAX functions.
  • When the SDK comes they will give reccommendations for privacy.
  • Developers should be able to use other JavaScript libraries.
  • Palm Pre core apps used the same framework.
  • Styles will be published in the SDK and developers can create their own CSS styles.
  • Local storage is available to store data when user is not connected to data.
  • Applications must have one card/window up, but can run in background via the dashboard.
  • There will be an app catalog, more information will be available later.
  • Apps can be developed on MAC, Windows and Linux.
  • There will be tooling bundles for text editors, Textmate and Eclipse.  They don't know how many and when they will be available.  Command line tools and bundles will be available.
  • They expect great performance and will offer tips on how to get the best performance.
  • The video player is only app that goes full screen right now.  There will be more information about full-screen modes later in SDK.
  • To prepare for the SDK, JavaScript titles from O'Reily and subscribe to developer website.
  • The slides and audio are posted on the O'Reily website and YOUTube.

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