WeFollow Follows Twitter A Lot Like Digg, You Digg?


Digg founder Kevin Rose founded a website that offers a people-powered directory for Twitter. It organizes the Twitterverse by popularity.

WeFollow sorts Twitter users by category, as defined by the people themselves. Users choose  online affiliations with three tags (sy, tech, music and
politics). The tags help Twitterers find other Twitterers.

Britney Spears has the highest number of followers in the celebrity category while President Obama rates tops in politics. Aston Kutcher, aplushk is number four, followed by Jimmy Fallon, Shaq, The New York Times, Lance Armstrong, The Ellen Show and Al Gore.

Rose says in a Los Angeles Times article that WeFollow has been getting an average of
800,000 page views a day.

Rose invested money in Twitter and says that digg and WeFollow aren't in competition.