AT&T Fast-Pitch Winners for Consumer Apps & Enterprise


AT&T announced its Fast-Pitch Platinum Award winners at CTIA.  Winners received a share in $70,000 of prize
money and opportunities for inclusion in an AT&T distribution channel.

Fast Pitch Platinum Award Winner--Consumer Category
TuneWiki is a social
media player that offers song lyrics synchronized to the music playing, a one-click music video
link, and music maps and charts based on actual playback count. It delivers new playback
experiences on PC, Google Android, Apple iPhone/iTouch, Intel MID and a variety of other
music-enabled mobile devices.

Fast Pitch Platinum Award Winner--Enterprise Category
Boopsie won the
$25,000 grand prize in the in the enterprise applications contest. Boopsie is an application
platform that revolutionizes mobile search for enterprises.  Boopsie uses a multi-prefix
incremental search from the device and then creates special indexes from any target data store
to pull up results incredibly quickly. Moreover, it allows companies to quickly create
applications to share information with their employees or customers--Boopsie has examples
of this capability with their real estate multiple listing service application and WorldCat
library applications.

Platinum Award Runners Up--Consumer Category

  • DialPlus enhances
    voice calls before, during, and after with automatically generated Web content. Caller ID
    identifies unknown numbers and enhances known contacts with social network information. In-call
    and post-call SmartResults give you just the info you need when you need it. Making a phone
    call just got smarter!
  • Intelligent Spatial Technologies' iPointer patented technology answers "What's that?" by
    enabling the user to simply point her mobile phone like a TV remote to get information about
    her surroundings. iPointer is wireless carrier-agnostic and needs only a handset with GPS,
    digital compass, and data connection.

Platinum Award Runners Up--Enterprise Category

  • Intuit
    enables Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to accept credit card payments
    using their mobile phone. This enables the millions of SMBs that do work and need to collect
    payment in the field. SMBs can access the downloadable app or mobile web version to process
    remote payments. This solution is more cost effective and convenient than alternatives because
    it leverages a device the user already owns and carries, including feature phones and
    smartphones. GoPayment also saves users time in the back office via payments integration into
    QuickBooks accounting, as well as email and SMS receipts for customers.
  • The DiVitas Mobile Unified
    solution (DiVitas Mobile UC) combines corporate voice and messaging
    applications (deskphone, contacts, IM, presence, and soon, push-to-talk) for businesses and
    places them on a Smartphone. Workers stay highly available while mobile by using familiar
    desktop tools and applications mobilized via a single, easy to use icon-driven interface, the
    DiVitas Client. These capabilities are made available reliably and cost-effectively over
    cellular and WiFi networks using DiVitas' patent-pending Environment Aware Roaming