BlackBerry BIS Email Outage Confirmed 1- 4 PM EST Today 4/13

BlackBerry_Curve_270x337.jpgToday from about 1 p.m. EDT to about 4 p.m. EDT the BlackBerry email service (BIS) was down and people who use BIS through their carrier couldn’t get or send email. Users also couldn’t
access their Internet mailboxes, integrate third-party e-mail accounts, or view e-mail attachments during the outage.

Marisa Conway, a spokeswoman for Research In Motion, told CNET that “some customers experienced a delay receiving e-mail earlier today, but it wasn’t system-wide.” Service is now operating normally, she added.

Sprint Nextel confirmed the outage which also affected the BlackBerry Internet Service website.

Sometime about 4 p.m. EDT, users of the BIS service received the flood of emails that had been sent earlier in the day.

The RIM BIS service is mainly used by people who do not have a business enterprise server. An alternative the RIM’s BIS service is the syncing cloud provided free of charge from Funambol

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