Free Facebook Ringtones from Mobizaar

mobizaar_logo.gifFree ringtone-make Mobizaar, has a new app on Facebook. With the Mobizaar application, all Facebook users can customize their mobile
phones with ringtones and other mobile

The Mobizaar application on Facebook combines user-generated content
and the collective power of a community of users large selection of
free ringtones. Mobizaar takes the
cost and complexity out of the process, and makes selecting and
creating ringtones free and easy for anyone.

According to Frank Sidles, Head of Business Development for Mobizaar
"We are thrilled to introduce our Mobizaar service to Facebook users
via our new application". All existing Mobizaar members can access
their account via the Facebook application and enjoy all the services
that they have online from their Facebook page.

The Facebook application gives users the same features that they
have on the Mobizaar site including download existing user generated
content and creating their own personalized ringtone from their own
music and audio files. Each new member also gets their own free mobile
site where they can access their own content as well as share it with

To get the Mobizaar application on Facebook, just go to the lower
left Applications link, select Find More and search for Mobizaar.