MetroPCS New GroupLINE, Replaces Extension Phones - Whole Family Can Talk at Once

MetroPCS, Inc.
MetroPCS  is now offering what we would call, "Family Group Call" service, GroupLINE, a one-call  solution targeted at families/friends who want to save money  by "cutting the cord" and replacing
their landline telephones with wireless phones.

With a regular landline, users in a family could pick up extension phones so that everyone could talk at once. MetroPCS  GroupLINE can replace this function. GroupLINE allows up to five MetroPCS' Family Plan subscribers to receive
calls on a shared GroupLINE number while still keeping their
individual mobile numbers. 

Callers call the GroupLINE number and reach all of the
subscribers on the plan at the same time. With GroupLINE, family members
are all connected with each other as well as the incoming caller. There
is also a shared GroupLINE voicemail that the subscribers can access.
GroupLINE is available for subscribers on MetroPCS' Family Plan for an
additional $5 per month.

GroupLINE is available to subscribers on the Family Plan in all MetroPCS
markets. You can buy phones and plans with the Wireless and Mobile News coupon-link and get your first month of phone service for free.

Nearly 60 percent of MetroPCS subscribers have already replaced their
landline phone with their MetroPCS wireless phone. MetroPCS developed
GroupLINE to help families and friends who are looking to cut costs
while still staying connected with each other. GroupLINE allows users to
talk from their personal wireless phone while allowing them to talk
wherever they are located rather than having to be in the same location

"GroupLINE was developed with families' needs in mind," said Roger D.
Linquist, president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board
of MetroPCS. "We are all on-the-go, and we often have news to share with
the whole family. With GroupLINE, instead of making numerous calls,
everyone can be reached at one time. And in today's economy, GroupLINE
offers families the luxury of staying in touch without breaking the

GroupLINE not only furthers MetroPCS' commitment to its
subscribers but it also enhances satisfaction with the affordable,
unlimited, no signed contract, flat-rate wireless service.

MetroPCS' plans range from $30 to $50 per month and allow subscribers to
talk all they want, 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week. Unlike most
carriers, MetroPCS does not require a signed contract, which means that
consumers can activate service without going through a credit check or
paying a deposit.When you buy
phones and plans with the Wireless and Mobile News coupon-link and get your first month of phone service for free.

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