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synergypicPalmPre.jpgAs the Palm Pre launch date approaches tech gurus have been writing about how good it is and showing off the Palm Pre 's best features.

Adrian Covert at Gizmodo called the Palm Pre "the most hyped device since the iPhone." He points out some of the best features of the Palm Pre :

  • Design - designed for one-handed use, has a nice feel in the hand and keyboard.
  • Touch - the screen is multi-touch with a gesture area below the screen of the Palm Pre.
  • Speed - fast  3430 OMAP Chip, it should haul, but may drain battery juice.
  • Charge - there is a totally cordless charger the Palm Touchstone the Puck.
  • Software - the user-interface has many card, and you can pick a card to get your app running.
  • Synergy - this cool feature syncs "contact info, calendars, messaging clients and search capabilities into a seamless menu system."
  • Notifications - no annoying beeps, just a little note on the screen.
  • Multi-touch Browser - built on Webkit, it is expected to be fast.
  • Legacy Palm Apps - will work on the the Palm Pre .
  • Lasting Impressions - intuitive software use, responsive screen, and quality feel.

James Kendrick wrote, "The Palm Pre must give as good a browsing
experience or better as the iPhone or it may fall short in the consumer
space."  This could happen because videos show the web browsing is very
fast, and remember the Palm Pre 's WebOS is built in Webkit, the operative words here are "web."

Users should be able to watch TV on their Palm Pre 's because it has been noted that SlingPlayer showed up in the "Showcase apps" for  was leaked to Engadget. Other Apps destined for the Palm Pre are
Pandora (Internet Radio), Facebook, Fandango, TeleNAV GPS, Sprint TV
(free with everything plan), Flight View airline fight information and
a NASCAR app.

Other Palm Pre apps are Craig's List, , DirectTV, Facebook,, Loopt, Twitter, City Search, Zagat,, Lonely Planet, FlightView, NYTimes, AP Mobile, ESPN,
Handmark Stocks, Bank of America, Intuit, Epocrates, WebMD,, Austin Lane, DataViz and Mark/Space..

In a
Palm Pre
face off against other smartphones the Palm Pre is the only smartphone 
to have checked next to the "Universal Search" option, searching on the
Palm Pre . When you start typing to begin searching your contacts, applications,
Google, or even Wikipedia. Universal search narrows down the possible
results as you type, so it's easier to find what you need.
Google maps is intergrated into this function.
With all these great features, it's really ashame that the Palm Pre is expected to be in short supply when it comes out. If you attempt to buy the Palm Pre without a contract it will cost you $849 at Best Buy.

We are currently working on a "Best Palm Pre Apps" article to be published soon.

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