Moon Walk Phone: Round Moto Aura $2,800 with Free Screen Savers

motorola-aura-celestial.jpgTo honor the July 20, 1969 moon landing of Apollo 11, Motorola is offering the commemorative luxury moon-themed Aura Celestial with an engraved photo of the moon landing. Motorola transponders on the Apollo 11 sent the television signals to earth on that historic day.

The Moto Aura Celestial comes with audio/video from the original moon mission, and Apollo 11 wallpapers. The circular display has a resolution of 300dpi and 16 million colors. The Celestial Aura features a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and quad band compatibility.

The Swiss-made main bearing, gears composed of Rockwell 50-55 hardened
steel and 130 precision ball bearings work in tandem to drive the
assisted-opening blade, an effect more like opening a luxury car door
than accessing a mobile device. Its custom-engineered rotating
mechanism is composed of more than 200 high-precision individual parts,
and the gears are protected from harsh conditions with the same
coatings used in high-performance racing engines.

The Motorola Aura Celestial will sell in Germany for 2,200 Euros around $2,800 US Dollars. The only place you can buy a Moto Aura (not the moon edition yet) is Bloomingdales in New York City.