1 in 4 Leave Phone Retail Store w/o Buying, Failed Sales Could be Avoided with Better Customer Service, Says Amdocs

bestbuygirl.jpgAn Amdocs survey explored what
influences the customer experience when shopping at retail stores, along with brand perceptions.
the option to purchase devices and plans online, consumers are still
choosing to visit service providers' retail outlets. The top three
reasons cited for visiting a retail store were:

  • The ability to obtain
    the device right away.
  • Direct access to the device to "touch and feel"
    it before purchasing.
  • To consult with an expert regarding the device's
    features and rate plans.

60 percent of those surveyed visited retail outlets intending to make a
purchase, one in four left without buying.

  • Top reasons for
    abandoning the purchase was the store representative was either not
    enough about the devices or service plans
  • or that the
    wait time
    to complete the transaction was too long.
  • Store sales staff
    received the lowest customer ratings in the areas of speed of service,
    as well as for their concern as to whether the customer had purchased
    the best service plan or phone to meet their needs
  • Highest ratings
    were awarded for courtesy and friendliness.
  • The survey found that a
    smartphone transaction can take up to an average of 15 percent longer
    than a traditional phone purchase, with increased time and resources
    devoted to identifying the right product, completing the paperwork and
    finalizing the purchase.

commissioned a survey of more than 4,000 consumers who use wireless
phones or devices in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada and
had visited a service provider's
retail store over the past six months.

Only 64 percent of those surveyed said that in-store experience had met
their expectations
and while a majority of customers left the store
having their expectations met, only a small percentage (less than 20
percent) cited that the experience improved their perception of their
service provider.

"A bad shopping experience in any channel
will turn away customers and no company can afford to lose a customer
intent on making a purchase" said Seth Nesbitt, vice president of
product marketing for Amdocs. "With transactions becoming more
complicated and devices more sophisticated, store reps need tools that
let them to focus on meeting a customer's specific needs, while
reducing the time to complete a transaction. Only then can they
maximize every retail interaction."

The survey was conducted
by an independent global research firm in September 2009. In addition,
Amdocs also announced the general availability of its Retail Experience
Solution, part of its CES product portfolio.

About Amdocs CES
CES (customer experience systems) is an integrated portfolio that
delivers the operating environment service providers need to transform
from providers of utility voice, data and video services into purveyors
of the digital lifestyle. Amdocs CES allows providers to deliver an
optimal customer experience--personalized, participatory and timely
across any service, location and device. The Amdocs CES Portfolio
leverages Amdocs business process best practices based on real-world
scenarios, and transcends traditional business support systems (BSS),
operational support systems (OSS) and service delivery platforms (SDPs)
to enable service providers to address both current and emerging
customer experience business processes. Amdocs' unique business model
focuses on enabling its customers to create differentiation and build
brand, loyalty, profitability and competitive leadership. Please visit
www.amdocs.com/cesportfolio for more information.