Most Wireless Cell Phones Carriers Networks Not Affected by Fire

cellphoneonfire.jpgFrom published reports and calls to the major wireless carriers we have determined that most wireless calls in the areas affected by the La Canada, Pasadena, La Cresenta, Tujunga station fires should be going through without a glitch besides the small T-Mobile dropped call area by the foothills, Glendale freeway and the 5 freeway.

An AT&T spokesperson said that at  AT&T there is has been no major impact to the the network in the Los Angeles area. Sprint and Verizon were reported to be up and running during one of the largest fires in Los Angeles history.

Verizon is offering free call forwarding to landlines of evacuated residents. AT&T is offering call-forwarding and voicemail without connection charges. We also have been told by some carriers that customers are welcome to come into their retail stores to charge their phones.  We are waiting for official confirmation.
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