Digby Buys Web App Store Commerce Movaya

movayalogo.jpgdigbylogo.jpgDigby, the leading provider of mobile commerce solutions for retailers, announced the acquisition of Movaya Wireless, Inc., a Seattle,
Washington-based mobile software company focused on building digital
goods storefront applications for the iPhone, Android and mobile web

Additionally, Movaya Chengdu Technology, Ltd., Movaya's Asian
operations center, will form the basis for Digby Chengdu Technology,
Ltd. Digby Chengdu will serve as Digby's hub for the rapidly expanding
mobile commerce market in Asia. Movaya co-Founder and Chief Technology
Officer, Stanley Wang, has joined Digby as Vice President of Engineering.

"We're thrilled to be joining forces with Digby at this critical stage
of market development," said Phil Yerkes, co-founder and Chairman of
Movaya. "The transaction will allow our mobile commerce vision to be
realized through the Digby Mobile Commerce Suite, and it provides a very
exciting opportunity for all of Movaya team members."

Movaya Wireless was formed in 2006 by Phil Yerkes and Stanley Wang.
Their core product, Movaya Platform M, is utilized by software
developers, game developers, and content producers to monetize their
digital assets created for mobile device users. The product offers rich
capabilities that enable content producers to create branded storefronts
utilizing a unique set of self-service technologies. Platform M was also
tightly integrated into various carrier-based billing systems including
AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others, enabling a seamless "bill-to-phone"
payment system for acquiring digital products.

The transaction, subject to customary closing conditions, will be
finalized by November 15, 2009. Catapult Advisors LLC advised Movaya on
the transaction.