Droid Invasion Continues: Sony Sneak Peaks Xperia with Android

xperia-x3-rachael.jpgSony Ericsson is set to unveil a new high-end phone on November 3. Let's see what open operating system that is invading earth would it have?

This power-packed smartphone which has been kept top secret, shows signs of Android. The Sony Xperia 3, code-named Rachel, is expected to have an 8 megapixel camera, 1GHz processor snapdragon processor a 4.1? OLED capacitive touch screen (larger than Droid), 32GB internal storage and loaded with apps for Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

It's interesting to note the that the Sony Xperia 3 is silver with rounded corners not black like the Verizon Motorola Droid that recieved excellent reviews. Smartphones with Android and the sold-out HTC Touch Pro2 are fueling positive expectations for Q4.

Last year, over the holidays, the Sony Xperia was mysteriously pulled from Sony Style Stores and off the website.  We were told by sales associates that it was recalled.

One thing that has been noted about Android smartphones it not all of them come with preinstalled software to sync media with your iTunes or Windows Media Player files on your PC.