Droid News 2Day: Verizon Network Ready for Droid Invasion?

veriozonguywithpeeps.jpgMost Verizon executives have stayed quiet about the Droid invasion coming to Verizon on November 6.  All those Moto Droids landing with their beautiful dazzling screens that have wowed reviewers and HTML browsers could jam traffic on the "There's a Map for that" network. IDC Senior Analyst Ramon Lllamas commented on Friday, that Droid is helping fuel a positive wireless Q4 in 2009.

AT&T's image has suffered greatly because of network problems due to the deluge of iPhone data usage. Verizon Director of data services for the Illinois-Wisconsin region Arvin Singh tried to allay network deluge fears, he told Telephony, "We're anticipating the Droid will be a blockbuster, but we're not
adding any new backhaul or new EV-DO carriers for the launch. We're not
anticipating the network will take a hit on this."

We're wondering what do you think?  Will Verizon's network take a hit or is it ready for the Droid invasion on November 6? Will all the people following the Verizon guy still be smiling?